EU projects

The development of an innovative and environmentally friendly product at “Ramazottius LAB”, JSC

The project aims to create and test a new medical product – PERIOZIP. The active ingredient of the PERIOZIP product is of natural plant origin and consists of a polymer composite with a bioactive substance for the treatment and management of periodontal diseases. It is expected that due to its low toxicity and high biocompatibility with human tissue the product will make significant change in patients’ health and life quality.

The result of the project includes preparation of prototype clinical research strategy and prototype technology patent application.

The project is financed by The Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) subsidy and the own funds of JSC „Ramazottius LAB“. The budget of the project is 58,749.00 EUR. The Recovery and Resilience Facility subsidy allocated for the project is 49,937.00 EUR.

Project implementation period: 2023.07.27 – 2024.07.27.

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